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We help you Get.Grants.Better®

Get.Grants.Better.® provides training, education, and discounted services to underserved small-sized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Adapted from our traditional client offering Think and Ink Grants® (, Get.Grants.Better.® is designed to meet the unique needs (and budgets) of emerging nonprofit organizations. 


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What is an "emerging" nonprofit organization?

The world may call you a "small nonprofit", but to us, you are an emerging nonprofit ready to soar.  Designed just for you, Get.Grants.Better.® offers services adapted to support big visions within a limited budget. 

Are you an emerging nonprofit experiencing the following challenges?


Get off this neverending cycle. 


If you feel like this, then you are in the right place.

The sad reality is...

This neverending cycle is frustrating. Your goal is to serve the community and run your programming but it is getting tougher and tougher without funding or support in place to get funding.

The problem is, there isn't enough support available to meet the grant-seeking needs of emerging nonprofits. 

Get.Grants.Better.® is here to help. 

Through our experience of working with and training nonprofit leaders, we've created a time-tested combination of training and professional support specifically designed to meet the unique needs of emerging nonprofit organizations.


Access real grant experts

Without breaking the bank.

Get access to grant writing resources.

Save time and do it right

Don't waste your time. Get it right the first time.

Get grant writing support.

Get more support as needed

As you grow, we grow with you.

Get.Grants. Better.® Memberships

Helping you save time and money with packaged solutions without a long-term commitment.


Choose a membership plan:



Get started

Cost-effective "do-it-yourself" training. Recommended for nonprofits just getting started.



Get.Grants.Better.® Newbie Subscription includes our most popular on-demand grant writing training and more:

  • Get. Grants. Better.® Grant Writing Course + Templates: We teach you how to write grants and walk you through how to create a reusable proposal template. 

Don't pay a lump sum of $2,000 to learn how to write grants. Take our industry-approved on-demand grant writing course, normally priced at a lump sum of $2,000 but now offered at $182 per month specifically for Get.Grants.Better.® subscribers.

  1. On-demand content at a time and place that is convenient for you
  2. Professionally curated to teach you how to respond to questions frequently asked by funders 
  3. Real-world, industry-approved insight from Grant Professional Association (GPA) Approved Trainers and Grant Professional Certified (GPC) grant writers with experience winning proposals.
  4. Use the accompanying Get. Grants. Better.® Grant Writing Templates, where we walk you through step-by-step on how to create a reusable grant writing template to submit competitive applications to multiple funders.
  • Receive our Get.Grants.Better.® Frequently Requested Docs List:  learn what documents are required by funders to get ready to apply for funding.
  • Access Instrumentl's grant research database at a discounted rate: get $50 off one month of Instrumentl + a 2-week free trial  
  • Get 10% off Get.Grants.Better.® Workshops: access advanced topics at a discounted rate.
  •  Access our bi-weekly Get. Grants. Better.® Newsletter with industry insights and how-to tips. 
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Most Popular

For nonprofits supporting women, children, health, or education with 501(c)(3) for 2 years +. No contract required.



Get.Grants.Better.® Emerging Subscription includes everything in Newbie plus:

  • Access your Get.Grants.Better.® Proposal Review Services: before you submit your next proposal, increase the competitiveness of your proposal by letting our experienced grant professionals review it first*.  
  • In addition to your Instrumentl subscription, you also receive a one-time Get.Grants.Better.® "Top 10" Research Report: get help honing in on the funders most well-aligned with your organization.
  • Instead of only 10% off, get 25% off our Get.Grants.Better.® Workshops: access advanced topics at a discounted rate.
  • Join our Get. Grants. Better.® Coaching Program: access consultants** to help you execute a robust grant-seeking strategy***. 

In just 1-Hour, walk away with strategies to help improve your organization in any of the following areas:

 Capacity Building

Organizational Strategy


Theory of Change

Board of Director Engagement

Nonprofit Goals, Mission, and Vision Statement

Program Design (Goals, Objective, and Outcomes Development)

Community Needs Assessment

Potential Partners and Collaborators

* one five-page (max) review per month

** one 1-hour consulting session per month

*** additional sessions, as requested, are available at an additional cost


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Think and Ink Grant Consulting®

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Starting price: $3,000 per month under a 12-month contract

Customized service offering for established organizations.

Outsource your grant writing and get your own full-service, dedicated team of grant writers as an extension of your team.  

We provide one full year of the following services:

Grant Research

Grant Writing

Nonprofit Consulting

Grant Management

Evaluation Plan


Learn more at


What you should know:

  • 12-month contract required
  • For established nonprofit organizations with budgets of $3 million+
  • Designed for large nonprofit organizations, K-12 school districts, state and local government entities, large health organizations
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Why is Get.Grants.Better.® right for your organization?


The proof is in the pudding.

Check out the benefits.  Compare your options.

Newbie Subscription Benefits

  • Save money by working on the basics first before investing in grant writing.
  • Access grant research through your discounted Instrumentl subscription.
  • Invest in learning how to write grants through our on-demand Get. Grants. Better.® Grant Writing Course + Templates.
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Emerging Subscription Benefits

  • Stress less and get the grant done- have an experienced grant writer review your proposal before submission.
  • Get a "Top 10" Grant Research report of the grants you should pursue right NOW.
  • Access consulting services to walk you through how to improve and evaluate your programs, your organizations, and get grants better.  
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What other options are out there?


There are very few options for emerging nonprofits looking to both learn and get access to expert advice.


Are you ready to Get.Grants.Better.®? So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and don't let another grant pass you by.


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