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Newbie Get.Grants. Better.® Subscription

Get resources designed to help you save money by "doing-it-yourself", but with professional guidance.

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  • One Reusable Grant Writing Template
  • One Industry Level Grant Research Report each month
  • One Mock Edit and Review each month (5-page max)

Step-by-Step Grant Expert Support

Let us walk you through how to write each section of a proposal.

Get a Pipeline of 12-Months of Grant Opportunities

Get 12-months of grant opportunities sent to your inbox.

You Write. We Review and Provide Feedback.

Write a proposal and have our grant experts review and provide feedback.


Step-by-Step Grant Expert Support

Get. Grants. Better.®

How-to Videos and Templates


We provide over 50 hours of self-paced videos and professionally curated templates to walk you through how to respond to required application questions most frequently asked by funders and improve grant readiness.

Many use this training to teach themselves how to write grants or onboard a new team member responsible for writing grants.

  • Industry-based high-quality curriculum: Designed and curated by Grant Professional Association Approved Trainers and Grant Professional Certified (GPC) grant writers.
  • Proven real-world strategy: Sourced from practical, real-world experience based on composing competitive proposals for our clients. 
  • Experienced team: We took our team's experience as former nonprofit leaders, program managers, and reviewers for federal agencies and foundations and combined the best of the best into this material. 
  • Show and Tell: We tell you what to do and why it is crucial in step-by-step videos. Then we show you exactly what to do by thoroughly walking you through each template.
  • Digestible Bites: Each session is designed and available to be completed each week, at your own pace

Be 100% ready: No one else offers a list of frequently requested attachments to have ready before you start applying for grants.

At the conclusion, you will have created the following documents, all summarized in the form of a reusable, professionally supported Grant Writing Template to use to write and submit proposals to funders:


Organization Description

Mission Statement 

Vision Statement

Needs Statement

Program Description

Evaluation Plan

Operating Budget

Program Budget

Sustainability Statement

Letter of Interest/Letter of Intent

DEI Statement 

Get a Pipeline of 12-Months of Grant Opportunities

Grant Research Report and Application Calendar 

Get a Focus Area Level Grant Research Report providing 12-months of grant opportunities sent to your inbox.


  • stay in the loop of the latest newly released grants in your focus area
  • get an entire pipeline of grant opportunities to apply to over the next 12-months 
  • choose from grants focusing on women, children, health, or education

You Write. We Review and Provide Feedback.

Mock Review

Write a proposal yourself and have our grant experts review it and provide feedback.


  • We have over 150 years combined experience serving as reviewers
  • Save money by having your proposal reviewed instead of written from scratch
  • Let us provide some suggestions to make your application more competitive

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